when words are not enough...

Human beings have used art to express truths, explore inner worlds, connect to spiritual strengths, and solve all manner of problems for thousands of years. Today, art therapists help clients use the expressive power of art to probe the depths of consciousness, make creative connections to solve problems, engage with the non-verbal part of the mind, and explore the unspoken landscape of the soul. Art therapy can make use of any medium: from painting, to poetry, to pottery.


Art therapists have used art to help small children recover from trauma, older adults stimulate cognitive function, and adolescents work through eating disorders; and it has be used with people of all ages to relieve anxiety and climb out of depression. Art can help you find yourself; art can help you free yourself.


LiLoLi Founder Inna Goldina is an artist, painter, poet, multimedia creator and therapeutic life coach who uses art to facilitate healing and help her clients make meaning. She views life as a work of art to be lived, and sees artistic expression and creation of beauty as not limited to professional artists, but as the birthright of every human being.

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