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Anywhere from 13 to 25 percent of pregnant women and new mothers experience depression during pregnancy or postpartum "baby blues." Many more may feel anxious or lost. These symptoms can be significantly reduced if women can express and examine their feelings. By  preparing themselves for the journey (with the help of a professional), their numerous and elusive internal questions and feelings, can be addressed. 

As you take on the adventure of motherhood, it's important to remember that you're not alone. At Livable Lovable Life, we know what you are going through. We have extensive experience supporting new mothers and helping them the find the courage face the challenges and embrace the joy of being a mom. Our program promises full confidentiality, a non-judgemental attitude, and private consultations.

We offer three types of counseling for new mothers:

  1. Individual therapy: Many new mothers find it difficult to discuss their anxieties and emotions with family and friends. This is a good option for these mothers.

  2. Couples therapy: Some new mothers would like the support of both a professional and their significant other or a loved one. Our counselor can guide both new parents, helping them take small but effective steps to deal with fears and challenges and prepare for parenthood.

  3.  Group therapy: We have ongoing therapy groups for new mothers. The supportive, caring atmosphere of a good group will help you feel less alone, and provide you with the opportunity to learn from others who may have gone through the same things you're going through now.

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