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Inna Goldina - LiLoLi Founder and Owner

Inna Goldina has used her unique, solution-based Therapeutic Life Counseling (TLC) model to help hundreds of clients around the globe address challenges, conquer fears and start living their dreams.

A graduate of Columbia University, Inna entered her practice with a commitment to integrate the insights from psychoanalysis, religion, and philosophy, along with evidence based approaches of cognitive behavioral and positive psychology to achieve rapid results that are both lasting and tangible.  

Just as the body benefits from a well-planned training regimen, so does mental and spiritual fitness grow from therapeutic practice. As a personal “life-trainer,” Inna helps her clients build on their achievements, reveal weaknesses, and gradually transform them into strengths.  She works with the individual as a whole, while offering a collaboration of goal-oriented techniques to help her clients navigate through challenges and find balance.

Inna introduces clients to a set of tools which enables them to look at the world through clearer lenses, approach issues differently, improve relationships, promote self-satisfaction and set and achieve goals.


Patrycja Golak - Intern

Patrycja is an undergraduate student at Brooklyn College majoring in psychology with a minor in neuroscience. From a young age she showed determination when she started her career as a ballroom dancer. A top competitor, in 2014 she won a bronze medal in the World Championships. Patrycja now aspires to be a clinical psychologist and one day hopes to open her own private practice. 


Kristen Kim - Intern

Kristen Kim is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. While at university she participated in both Adolescent Development and Interpersonal Relationships labs, and designed her own research study examining the impact of gratitude practice on chronic negativity. Currently, she works as an assistant and project manager for Livable Lovable Life. She intends to continue her education with a focus on psychoanalytic theory, and pursue a career in counseling psychology. Kristen’s goal is to help people understand and accept the “who” and “why” of their identities.


Jack Burt - Intern

After graduating from the Lawrenceville School, Jack spent one year studying Psychology at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland and currently is continuing his studies of Psychology and Philosophy at The New School in NYC. Introduced to mindfulness at the ripe age of fifteen, Jack has discovered an immense respect for the combination of psychotherapy and meditative practice. Additionally, Jack is an avid student of the unconscious mind and the interpretation of dreams. His plans for the future remain unrealized.

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