For everyone who is in love and not afraid to say it! Post your pictures, stories and videos. Each story is unique, let it be known!

Dear All,

I am making a monument to love. Love, while simple, is the most perplexing feeling human beings can experience for one another. Romantic, overwhelming, powerful, fragile, painful, blissful…It has been celebrated by Plato, Shakespeare, King Solomon, Jane Austen, George Eliot, Marque De Sade, Gustave Flaubert just to name a few…

To be more specific, I am filming a documentary on love. I am searching for people who are willing to share their love story in front of the camera in their native language (whatever that language may be). It is free-form, not many parameters – you could talk for 5 minutes or an hour. Only the romantic love of another human being is of interest. It does not matter whether the object of your love is alive or not, or if the love is reciprocated.

Contrary to popular belief I have found that love is becoming extinct. Such a depressing tendency could be a big city phenomenon. On the other hand, it could be people becoming more private and less willing to share. Nevertheless, before it’s all gone or hidden please help me memorialize it.

If you, or anyone you know are in love, please write to me!

Thank you,


Inna L. Goldina
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