It’s timetime to take your quality of life up a notch and make it as livable and lovable as it can be.

Inna Goldina, Manhattan’s Upper West Side therapeutic life coach is launching a special program for women! Women in NYC now have an opportunity to enrich their lives by joining small, private group therapy. Each session will incorporate a unique interplay of mental, physical, and social factors to help solve internal as well as external conflicts, and develop that human potential to the fullest.

For the last decade, Inna Goldina, MSW, Columbia University graduate, has successfully implemented Therapeutic Life Counseling (TLC) to help hundreds of clients around the globe. Her solution-based approach has positively impacted many people’s lives.

Just as the body benefits from a well-planned training regimen, so can mental and spiritual fitness grow from therapeutic exercise. As a personal “life-trainer,” Inna helps her clients build on their achievements, target weak spots and discover unknown strengths. Using a psycho-bio-social model that combines classical psychotherapy with the emerging discipline of life coaching, she offers a collaboration of goal-oriented techniques to help her clients navigate through challenges and find balance. Clients often see tangible and measurable results immediately.

During the sessions, Inna will introduce participants to a set of tools which will enable them to look at the world through clearer lenses, approach issues differently, improve relationships, promote self-satisfaction and help set and achieve goals.

This engaging, personalized and powerful experience will provide clients with practical means to improve life and become more fulfilled, conscious and satisfied.

Whether you’re breathing new passion into a long-term relationship or getting ready for a brand new one, rediscovering an old dream or finding one for the first time, thinking about starting a family or preparing for the next step in your career – this group will help you!
Topics covered include:

  • Harmony and balance
  • Family responsibilities
  • Wants & Needs
  • Personal goals
  • Health, fitness and beauty
  • Aging
  • Biological clock and the timing of having children
  • Career
  • Artistic pursuits
  • Sexuality
  • Pleasure

We recognize and respect the need for privacy and convenience. We promise to promote strict confidentiality and non-judgmental attitudes in our groups. Private individual sessions are also available upon request.